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Page last updated: Wednesday, 30th March 2022

Remastered Swoosh Remote
Here's how i managed to make a remastered swoosh remote.
First, i opened a broken swoosh remote (batteries corroded) then i opened a working 2010 Sky remote
Then i took the button membrane out of the swoosh remote and put it into the 2010 Sky remote.
I closed up the 2010 remote and threw away the leftover parts of the broken swoosh remote.
It was hard to get into both remotes and i slightly broke some of the plastic on the 2010 Sky remote but it was OK at the end
There are a few advantages to doing this mod:
1: You get more TV support
2: Sky+ and Sky+HD mode support
3: Its a good way to revive old egg/swoosh remotes that no longer work
Sky use a lot of screws on their remotes. There is 1 screw in the battery cover and another screw hidden under the translucent plastic covering the IR blaster.
Here's the end result:
(left is the end result, right is the original button membrane that was in the remote)

hi :)

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 Runs great on Pentium 4