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Page last updated: Sunday, 10th July 2022

COM7 multiplex changes
Recently, EE bought out the COM7 Freeview Multiplex meaning that all the channels that are currently hosted on that multiplex will either have to shut down or move to another multiplex.

Millions of Freeview users will soon find some of their favourite channels have suddenly moved. Big changes are taking place soon which has forced the service to make some updates with popular channels switching positions and some even shutting for good.

UPDATE: 10/07/2022:

Forces TV has permanently shutdown on all platforms due to the channel being funded by charity and it is too expensive. Here is a video of the shutdown:

If you can see this placeholder message, the video will be added later.


What does this mean for me?

All it means is that the HD varient of BBC NEWS and a few other channels will no longer be available on Freeview.

What will i need to do?

All you will need to do is retune your TV or DVR. On most boxes it won't affect scheduled recordings unless its on a channel that will be shutting down or moving to your local transmitter.

Will it affect other tv services? (Sky, Virgin TV etc)

No, it won't affect any other TV service other then Freeview. (apart from Forces TV closing on all platforms)

I have an older TV/DVR. Will it stop working?

Most TVs and boxes will work just fine after the changes.

What channels will be changed?

Here is a list of COM7 channels.

(Credit to ukfree.tv)

All these channels will be affected either moving places or closing. Most will just move places but channels like BBC News HD and BBC Four HD will be closing for good.


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